Sunday, August 16, 2009

Their Money or Your Life

The United States is the laughingstock of the world these days, thanks to the health insurance companies that have thoroughly subjugated our democracy. The changes that the large majority of people want are being drowned out by a lunatic fringe that represents about 3 percent of the population. Meanwhile, thousands of people die every year thanks to the for-profit industry that dominates health care in this country. This state of affairs is nothing short of domestic terrorism, and it is supported by some Democrats and virtually all Republicans, who are being showered with one million dollars a day to keep things exactly the way they are. Washington, D.C. has proven itself again as nothing more than the world's largest whorehouse. Then there is the wonderful mainstream media, which is conglomerated with the same insurance companies that brought us this horror show. Which explains why they don't ask one obvious question: Why can we have trillion dollar wars, yet we can't have single payer or the public option? Why don't we hear anything about the deficit when the next 100 billion dollars leaves the treasury for Iraq and Afghanistan? No, we only hear about it when it comes to actually saving people's lives rather than killing them. What a disgusting joke of a civilization we have allowed ourselves to become!