Saturday, April 21, 2007

You Had a Billion Chances...

Don't kill the old lady
Nor the baby where a suck 'pon titty
Jah Jah Him no go have no mercy
-Eeka Mouse "Terrorists in the City"

April is the cruelest month
- T.S. Eliot "The Waste Land"

Gunshots punctuate a sad song on the early morning radio
Was it just static or an automatic
My brain says no but my ears say so

You had a billion chances to change history
But you kept right on walking
You had the time to end it all
But you listened to other heads talking

No one is born to go out like that
Chemical imbalance put you in a trance?
Set you down a different path
He's gonna shoot, now you can dance

You just kept piling it on each day
Looking ahead with a sideways glance
You can't stop looking at the prize, no way
He's gonna shoot, and you can dance

It's the cruelest month of a cruel year
Look far away and it gets much worse
Ask yourself what you're doing here
Filled with a hunger that hangs like a curse

You have a billion chances to change
Before the time comes around
You don't have to keep insane
Before you go dormant underground

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