Monday, October 17, 2005

An Exauspicious Beginning

Greetings to all. This is my first post in my first blog. Huh? Yeah...I don't care if you don't care. It's a big thing for me. Which shows you what kind of life I lead. But it is kinda neat to finally have my own blog after hijacking threads and such on dozens of others. I will briefly state my interests in the off chance that anyone has read this far, or at all for that matter. I don't expect a lot of hits...maybe 3 in the first 3 months. But anyway...I like talking about politics, and science. The environment is the most important issue, followed by distributing resources in an equitable manner. Then everything else. Pet peeves: people who mix up the usage of there, their, they're, too, to, losing, loosing, and several others. Also... fat, enviro-trashing Republicans that drive gas guzzling cars ten to twenty mph over the speed limit. You are causing the destruction of all life on earth at a faster rate than everyone else, so the sooner you perish or change your ways the better. The rest of us will be right behind you. So cool it. You pigs.

About the name. I wanted to call this blog "Venceremos" but that name was chosen already? So I couldn't think of another name. I had a CD playing at the time and I named it after the song that was playing...which is by Lee "Scratch" Perry, the legendary reggae kingpin that most people haven't heard of. If you have heard of him you are cool in my book. And even cooler if you have heard of Eeka-Mouse. Otherwise, you are not fact you are lost sheep. Oh that reminds me, I like talking about music, too. Look for future posts on music and the environment, and long winded rants about how Republicans are wiping out all life on earth. That is all for now.

Ernesto Del Mundo

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