Monday, October 17, 2005

Politics and Religion

The two most uncomfortable subjects to bring up in everyday conversation. Well, besides anything of a sexual nature. As always, the question of why this is appeals to me. So let’s take a look at why these two seemingly innocuous topics generate such anxiety and dread when some oaf dares to broach them in polite company. My theory is that it’s because the very personal nature of the subjects, which goes way back to our childhood. We picked up our beliefs first from our parents and then from the media. But the first instruction in or absorption of them was as children, from our parents. And they have been reinforced over the years. Therefore, our beliefs are deeply personal. And it is quite uncomfortable to have deeply personal feelings and opinions questioned or debated. It is akin to someone speaking ill of your mother. So why do I love debating these issues? Well, first of all I think I am right. And anyone who would disagree with me is wrong. Of course, the other person feels the same way. And never the twain shall meet, so…what’s the point again? Perhaps there is none, but I wouldn’t argue a point just for the sake of argument. I want to make known the facts on my side and throw them at an opposing viewpoint like so many fragmentary grenades. And hope that none can be lobbed back. It is great sport. And while it may work to a degree in political debate, what about religion? Well, there you can throw rational debate, facts, and anything else that is even near coherent right down the waste disposal. Anything based on faith is impossible to debunk to that person who believes…or should I say has suspended belief in the laws of physics and everything else of this universe to accept an answer unquestioningly. Why anyone would accept anything without question is another question. My answer is that they are lazy and superstitious. So there is no sense debating religion. And there is no sense to the tenth power in fighting a war over it. Suffice to say that I echo the old adage that asks “O god, protect me from the people who believe in you”. After all, there is no difference between those on any side willing to kill the “non-believers”. They use the word “infidel” to recruit, while we use “terrorist”. Fifty years ago, while Jim Crow ruled the South by terror, the word was “communist”. Today it is “terrorist”. May I say that the devil does not change form, but merely changes a word here and there to better fit the circumstance. Speaking of words…I will also say that those who use the words “freedom” and “democracy” as synonyms for “unregulated crony capitalism” are the oldest terrorists on earth. And over the years they have racked up a body count that would make Satan blush. War through deception is their stock in trade. Which brings me to tomorrow’s subject: “Operation Northwoods”. And the question: just what is the devil on earth actually capable of?

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