Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dick Cheney is the One True Antichrist

I got a chain email a while ago from a Hillary supporter that claims Obama is the Antichrist. Recently, as expected, the wingnuts have been reviving the meme since Obama hasn't assuaged their fears that he is not a true warmongering, torture-endorsing, tax-protesting, electric chair switch-pulling nutcase disciple of Jesus Christ, Our (Their perverted) Lord and Savior.

What's truly amazing is that wingnuts are so into projection and have been so out of touch with reality for so effing long is that they can call Obama, someone who actually is not out to destroy the world, the antichrist, whilst they ignore the mass murders and economic catastrophes foisted on the world and nation of our own Dick Darth Duck! Mutherfukkin' Cheney. A guy who has so much clout he can shoot someone in the face and make THEM apologize TO HIM for it. Think about it. That's right, think. Something the wingnuts and the corporate media have conditioned us not to do. As the classic blues song goes: That's EVIL, evil is going on wrong!

So wingnuts, please spare us the pathetic projection and STFU for the next several make that decades. Thanks.

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