Sunday, August 17, 2008

On Olympic Coverage and My Grand Plan for the Future of Telecommunications

NBC's Olympic coverage so far has been less than impressive. In fact, it's been a steaming pile of bullshit. I wanna see real Olympic sports like boxing, sprints, long jumping, etc. Not water polo or horse riding or fucking volleyball. Especially not volleyball, which has been on wall to wall coverage today. They spent 6 hours on indoor volleyball then another 6 on beach volleyball. Who gives a fuck!? The entire premise there is to set up a spike. That's it. That's the entire strategy. Jesus hopping Christ on a pogo stick, they broadcast 12 hours of that today! Setting up a spike!

Why are there so many lame ass sports that have been added to the Olympics in recent years? Badminton!? This is a gold medal sport? WTF is next, lawn jarts and bocce ball? Who wants to see this shit? Do soccer moms really wanna see this? Is that who NBC is pandering to? There's GOTTA be a way to see the sports I wanna see, w/o having this shit dictated to me. Here's my idea:


Imagine combining your PC and TV and picking ANY sporting event (or movie, or music video) that you want to see ANY time you want to see it. It would be like Youtube, except better. You can get anything that exists in all the archives of all the entertainment outlets, anything that was ever recorded. There would be a kickass search function, better than google, that would identify that long ago song or movie whose name you can't quite remember, but all you had to do was type in (your TV would come with a keyboard/text message/remote type thing that I haven't fully thought out yet) and voila! There's that movie you saw when you were a kid that you vaguely recall, but always wanted to see again. And of course, it would also allow you to bypass the crappy excuses for Olympic sports that saturate NBC's current Olympic coverage and let you get right to the stuff you want to see. Freedom of choice! Where is it? Is this not the land of the free!? Interactive TV now!!

Thank you internet for letting me vent.

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