Monday, November 23, 2009


Call 202-456-1111 ASAP and tell the President to dial back the Cheney/Bush looting of the treasury and sacrificing on the altar of the MIC even one more life in a self-defeating war. End the bullshit. Now.


Black Diaspora said...

I'm with you, and have voiced my objection to this war.

Yet, I believe President Obama sees himself as trapped, and unable to do anything else but continue what you call a "self-defeating war."

If we win, we won't win. But on Tuesday night, the president will announce a troop build up, perhaps not 40,000, but something close to that, and a clear timetable for turning over to the Afghans the responsibility for maintaining their own security forces.

Pakistan, I feel, is the real reason for the build up. If we want that country to continue their fight against the Taliban, we have to show our resolve.

And the rationale: The Taliban will give al-Qaeda safe haven in Afghanistan again.

Although very unlikely, many believe in this nonsense, or is using it as a pretext to continue the war.

Ernesto said...

I'm glad there is finally some noise from the Democrats about "how do we pay for the war?". Under Bush, this was a question that was never asked. It seems the right wing is only concerned with the cost of things that help people instead of killing them.